In 2012 after many years working as a Producer within the Photographic industry, Emma, the founder of Sauce of Nature, started a catering and events company in London. Over several years she cooked and entertained for many leading companies and events in London. During this time she came up with the idea of creating a range of food products and started producing a selection of sauces that she used for her catering on a daily basis, developing both the taste and flavours. Being inspired by nature and a love for Pesto, she finalised a range of 3 unique pestos ready for market and decided to leave the catering business behind and develop the products full time.

In late 2015 she teamed up with two friends, Producer and Photographer Dan, and Creative Director and Designer Segolene. The three of them started working on the brand development and identity, and Sauce of Nature was born. The team used their individual skill sets to create the imagery, feel and look of the brand to compliment the products. Combining their love of food, nature, goodness, art, design and beauty they came up with the overall concept and feel of Sauce of Nature.

The brand has a mission to give back to nature and to inspire people both through taste, with the subtleties and complexities of flavour, and with love for the natural world. Running several market stalls, stocking in high end boutique deli’s and food halls, combined with running a successful social media strategy and brand building business, the team aim to crowd fund the project in 2017 to take it on to new heights. The ambition is to have an extensive range of delicious products available for the mass market over the next few years.